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Beautiful Facility for Wedding Receptions & More

Planning a successful event, regardless of whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party or banquet, requires navigating a seemingly endless checklist of choices: the date, the theme (if there is one), the décor, etc. Possibly the most important decision an event planner can make that will affect the outcome of your event would be the venue that you choose. Yes, cuisine and entertainment are also important factors, but the venue sets the scene; dictates many choices related to the event; and influences the experiences of your guests probably more than any other factor.

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

There are several perks of hosting an event, specifically a wedding ceremony and reception at an events center such as Granite Springs Lodge. Check out the video below of this beautiful couple and their wedding at Granite Springs. Truly magical!

One-stop shopping.

Booking one location (with one venue manager!) for your entire event versus trying to orchestrate things at two separate venues streamlines so many aspects of your big day.

Shorter commute.

You don't have to worry about the logistics (and extra expense) of transporting everyone from the ceremony site to the party. And your guests don't have to worry about finding parking spots at multiple venues!

Seamless cocktail hour.

There’s no awkward gap between saying “I do” and getting yo’ cocktails on! And you can relax knowing your nearest and dearest are happily nibbling on apps while you’re posing for newlywed pix.

Upcycled décor.

It’s way easier to repurpose décor when your ceremony and reception spaces are at the same place. For example, your ceremony arch can double as the background of your sweetheart table!

Ability to cater in outside food.

This can be a huge savings for all events. Your event, your choice of food at a reasonable price.

You can have an outdoor ceremony.

Most churches and synagogues will not allow for outdoor ceremonies because of the sanctity of the location.

You are likely to have more people attend your ceremony.

Many guests will opt to simply attend your reception, skipping the ceremony, because of the gap in between the two and the logistics (babysitters, transportation, distance) of having the event spread out over a longer time period.

It’s more convenient for out-of-town guests.

Anyone unfamiliar with the area will appreciate not having to find entertainment to fill in the gap. And they certainly will appreciate not having to figure out how to navigate between locations. Figuring out how to find and navigate between two addresses and find something to do between the ceremony and reception, can cause a lot of stress for your guests.

You will minimize driving in the event of bad weather.

There is always a chance that bad weather may occur on your big day. In the case of a fog or drizzle, no problem. But snow or storms (even though you picked a time of year when you thought you were safe) are always a possibility.

Save Money.

It may save you money by decreasing your transportation and rental costs.

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Current Pricing & Details



Regular price $14,100 Package price $12,500


Regular price $18,650 Package price $15,650


Outdoor Ceremony- $1.75 per chair (set up and take down)

Wait Staff- $100 per staff (Covers 4 hours)

Staff will serve guests, refill waters and hot beverage, assist with bussing tables and making sure the area stays clean during event serving time

Bar (not using the Archery Club)- $300

Usage of bar and beverage coolers, ice, and fountain pop

Hot Beverage Station- $200 per event
Coffee and hot tea available

Electricity to the Beach- $150

Van Transport to and from Mitchell- $300 per vehicle (4 hrs.)

Teardown Fee- $500
We can provide cleaning services after event, we will remove decorations and safely store them for next day pick up.

All decorations, gifts and/or personal items must be removed at the end of your event. All clean up that is required will need to be done at that time and will require a walkthrough with a staff member before departing.

Table Cloths- $5.50 per table cloth if not with package

White, black, and ivory (included in wedding package)

Cloth Napkins- $.50 per napkin

Sandalwood, gold, burgundy, navy, white, black, and red.

Pews (6 available)- $50 per pew

Arch (93 in. wide by 98 in. high)- $100

Wood Plank Back Drop (30 ft. long, 7 1/4 ft. tall, each piece is 6 ft. x 7 1/4 ft., 4 pieces)- $200

CALL FOR PRICING: specialty linens, stage for wedding party or band, and head table backdrop options.

Capacity & Other Details

Capacity: up to 299 people depending on layout of tables

ATM is available

EVENT CENTER SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: A $500.00 security deposit is required at time reservation is made for the dates requested. This deposit will be refunded within 7 days of your departure provided the required cleanup is done and no damages occurred during your visit and no violations of policies were made. We require a credit card to be on file prior to the start of the event.

LOSS OF SECURITY DEPOSIT: Event center guest agrees to leave the property in the same general clean and undamaged condition it was when you arrived. Event center guests are responsible for any damage, abuse, excessive cleanup requirements, or loss caused by any member of the event center guest(s) party to the property or its contents during event center guest(s) occupancy. Any damages or violations may result in the loss of all, or part, of the $500.00 security deposit and that we reserve the right to further bill him/her for additional cleaning or repairs

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any cancellation at any time results in forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellation prior to arrival date will result in the forfeiture of any payment that has been made.

PAYMENT POLICY: First payment is due 30 days after booking event, final payment is due 3 months prior to event. The security deposit does not go towards payment balance.

 PROPERTY DAMAGE: Event Center guests acknowledges and understands that he/she is financially responsible for any and all property damage that may occur during the stated rental period which can reasonably be attributed to the rental party’s negligence or abuse.

EARLY DEPARTURE/LATE ARRIVAL POLICY: No refunds will be made for early departures or delayed arrivals. No refunds or schedule changes will be made due to inclement weather.

NO PETS INSIDE: If a pet belonging to any member of the rental party, or guest of the rental party, is found to be in the event center the guest will be asked to leave the property and agrees that the full rental fee and $500.00 deposit will be forfeited and acknowledges that any damage done by said pet shall be his/her financial responsibility.