Lodging Only Pricing

Security deposit -$500 for Lodge, $500 for cottage, $500 if wanting all of the cabins, $500 for event center, $500 for villas. No security deposit required to rent individual cabins. Once the deposit is received and the contract is signed, the reservation gets put in the books. Deposit is nonrefundable for any cancellations

Main Lodge

$1700 per night from Memorial Day until the end of year

$1500 per night for the first 3 nights from Jan 1-Memorial Day (excluding weddings)

4th, 5th night rate is ½ price per night, weekly rate is $8000


$700 per night for the first 3 nights

4th, and 5th night is $350, weekly rate is $3500


$120 per night (weekly and monthly rates depending on availability) $20 charge for pets in room (upon approval), 2 pet friendly cabins available


$700 per night (total of 5 rooms); Individual rooms: Honeymoon Suite (Villa #1) $200/night, Villa #2 $175/night, other 3 rooms $125 per villa/night

Game Room

$250 for the weekend, $150 per night, $100 per day (for anyone staying there or not). Guests staying get first chance

Camper spots (6) (30 AMP Electrical Hookups)

$35 per night per spot

Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes at the beach

No charge but need to be a guest at Granite Springs


$5 for a bundle (located between main lodge and cabins)